Wireless Technology

The Ultra-contemporary world is a fusion of technology and smartness. Gigabytes, terabytes, and Nano subjects are the current international’s hey words. Our intact bond with technology has paved the way for unlimited and out of control evolution of smartness. Our mornings begin with intelligent alarms; kitchen informs us, what food is right for us; our domestic comforts the room temperature following our frame heat and even our cell phone sends messages online with your mental status. The 21st-century redeemer IoT is the new generation superhero. In this article, we are discussing the best types of wireless technology for the Internet of Things.

1.     Wi-Fi

Imagine your day without the internet; even the imagination is horrifying. Our current generation is entirely dependent on the internet and also IoT things. Everywhere you go, you want a particular item to follow you or one thing you always want to stay connected to, and it is nothing but the internet connection. The modern-day internet connection is Wi-Fi and portable broadband. Say from school to hotels, restaurants, bust stations, movie theatres, library, coffee shop and many more places, and Wi-Fi is a complimentary perk.


2.    Bluetooth

The second most popular technology that is wireless is Bluetooth. Initially, Bluetooth was the only way of transferring files from one device to other. Now using the same technique, you can achieve many complicated things; in other words, Bluetooth is a system that induces the transfer of data from a smaller device to a larger one or vice versa. Though Bluetooth is a system that initiates the transfer services, it cannot place calls or perform live data transfer.

3.    Z-wave

Z-wave is in a very efficient and accessible wireless technology for IoT products. It is not very known, but in the market, it is the highest demanded system.  The top-rated and most admired Z-wave technological product is the Amazon Echo. It is one of the very robust and most influential technologies. It allows the customer to communicate and even shop on behalf of them. There are more than two grand of Z-wave induced products in the market.

4.    Zigbee


Zigbee is a typical industry purpose application which is highly smart and robust. It possesses a high range of transmission capabilities. It is very similar to Wi-Fi but makes use of 2.4 GHz of bandwidth. Its design is outstanding and withstands a great sense of faults. The Zigbee networks are popularly known as the highly scalable encryption with a high level of security.

5.    LoRaWAN

Extended Range Area Wide Network (LoRaWAN) is an effective protocol exclusively built for the IoT applications on an extensive a range of the network. It is a communication inducing technology that can connect IoT devices with many other centralized network servers. It has excellent varieties of applications, especially in industries, home and other edifices.